ACDC Express

35 Electrical Retail Stores & Growing

Who We Are...


ACDC Express is a South African Electrical Retail and Wholesale Franchise, specialising in Everything Electrical. We were established in 2007, and right from the start our focus has been on providing customers with quality electrical solutions. 

We offer a full turnkey solution, as well as our own unique solutions. We have created what is effectively an Electrical ‘Supermarket’. Our innovative concept store offers customers a versatile shopping experience that is also convenient and simple to navigate. 

ACDC Express actively focuses on adding value to customer experiences by exceeding customer expectations through our superior customer service, and maintaining this excellence in our after-sales customer interactions. 

Each of our stores is independently owned and supplied primarily by our parent company ACDC Dynamics. 

We boast a product range of over 85 000 items. Our products are in continuous demand because they are crucial in maintaining daily operations within homes, offices, and factories all over South Africa. 

The continuous growth and on-going success of the ACDC Express Franchise Group can be largely attributed to the 2 basic principles at the heart of our business:

Customer Relationship Management & Business Efficiency Maximization.

We are able to achieve the great level of excellence we maintain because each of our departments within our large operations network is committed to our brand-wide success. 

Every successful business is built from the ground up.

85 000 Electrical Solutions